Dom Irrera Admits He Was "the Only Italian Rabbi in South Florida"

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Tell me about playing Ernie Potts on Hey Arnold.
One of my favorite things I ever did in show business. I used to work next to Dan Castenella, Homer Simpson and we had so much fun.

How did you get involved with that show? Did they come to you or did you try out?
They came to me. I didn't really audition for it. Because there was a character I used to do that was a lounge comedian and they just used that guy. That was Ernie. It used to kill my throat, but it was fun to do.

You have done some acting but obviously a lot more standup. Are you interested in getting more into acting or are you just sticking with what you're good at?

If I get offered something, I will do it, but I don't want to dance for any of these people. That's why I love about standup. You can't be a really top level standup and still go dance for some big fat casting director eating a tunafish sandwich, reading the sports page and on their cell phone while you are reading for it. I chose not dancing.

Because standup is so much more whatever you want to do, right?
Yeah, plus I do it all over the world and I set my own schedule. I love when people think, "Oh, your agent sent you there." No, I sent me there! I'm his boss. I'm a big baby. Huge.

Does the traveling ever take its toll on you?
I fly first class, tootsie roll, because I'm big. I don't even stand in line a security.

What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
Philadelphia cheesesteak. What do you think? But it's got to be the right roll. Do you hear me? You can't use those crappy Ralph's rolls. It as to be Amoroso from Philadelphia or don't even have the sandwich. Don't even bother if you aren't going to do it right.

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