Best Broward and Palm Beach County Albums of 2013

Surfer Blood - Pythons
Around these here parts, Surfer Blood is kind of a big deal. They are sizable enough on the global circuit to play festivals like Outside Lands or tour Australia, but there's still a pretty decent chance you will run into one of the band members at Respectables on a Thursday night. For their sophomore record, these West Palm natives ditched their indie cred to sign with the big boys of Warner Brothers Records. In the process, they got to work with Pixies producer Gil Norton and evolve their sound, as every band should, on their second record. Still maintaining their strong songwriting prowess and beachy tunes, it's always a treat to hear a new Surfer Blood song, and we can't help to feel a little 561 pride every single time. Dana Krangel

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Jim Camacho - Everywhere
Okay, I admit it. I have an unabashed bias for any music made by Jim Camacho. And even though I'm occasionally mocked for making that fact obvious, I'll risk the ridicule by nominating Everywhere as one of the best efforts to spring from South Florida this past year. Don't let the fact that it contains only five songs dissuade you; Camacho's first collection of new songs since his critically acclaimed album Beachfront Defeat in 2009, affirms the fact -- yet again -- that when it comes to local singer/songwriters who are adept at mining both mood and melody, no one does it better than this former Goods guy. Highlights include the irrepressible "Big Little World" and the title track, but with five songs in total, it's a good bet that every one of them is going to shine. Even if there were 20 tracks, no doubt the same thing could be said. Lee Zimmerman

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