Best Broward and Palm Beach County Albums of 2013

Black Seal - Pyre
Do five songs make for an album? If not, we'll make an exception for quality over quantity for this Delray Beach three piece. They describe themselves as psychedelic, though metal and punk definitely are represented. Black Seal's five song EP Pyre is best described as a Black Sabbath cassette tape that has melted under the Florida sun. There are incoherent vocals and heavy atmospherics yet it still retains a head shaking beat. Pyre is the swamp drained away to build a gun range. At times violent and upsetting, the natural waters with all its beauty still come flooding in from time to time. This is music that could soundtrack an epic, while still dangerous enough to upset your parents. David Rolland

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Beach Day - Trip Trap Attack
Hollywood, Florida's Beach Day turned a lot of heads in 2013, and it wasn't just because of how attractive the band is. The trio landed on Kanine Records (home to orchestral indie stalwarts Grizzy Bear and West Palm Beach's homeboys-made-good Surfer Blood) and released its debut album, Trip Trap Attack, in 2013 to much hullaballoo on the interwebs. And rightfully so, the record is an infectious collection of girl group-inspired numbers with just the right amount of surf side scuzz -- picture what the Ronettes would have sounded like with better amps and access to distortion guitar pedals. Blissful and perky, but slightly naughty. Alex Rendon

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Robb Bank$ - Tha City
Forget Broward and Palm Beach, Robb Bank$ has the most puntastic name of any emcee in any county globally. His 2013 mixtape Tha City is also thinking internationally with each of the 15 tracks dedicated to a different city. From "All The Way Live" dedicated to Fort Lauderdale to "Broward County Legend" shouting out his home base, Coral Springs to "Heartbreaker" for London. In spite of its penchant for geography, Tha City was not inspired by Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego, but rather by gross-out horror movies like V/H/S and The Human Centipede, the sorrowful loneliness of unlikely musical heroes Sade and Portishead, as well as the hip-hop underground. David Rolland

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