Basel 2013: Tegan & Sara (and Big Fans Puking in the Sand) at VH1 and Scope Party

Photo by Ian Witlen

"I've only been here one night," Tegan said. "And I've seen a lot of debaucherous shit. I want to dedicate this song to everyone who breaks up this weekend." Then she launched into "I Couldn't Be Your Friend."

Not to be outdone, Sara later dedicated "Feel It in My Bones" to the guy who they saw puking in the sand on the way to the stage. "I'm sure he's a big Tegan & Sara fan."

Photo by Ian Witlen

"Feel It in My Bones," originally recorded with Dutch trance powerhouse Tiƫsto, was one of only two songs from the ten-song, 45-minute set that wasn't off Tegan & Sara's new album.

They also treated us to "Back in Your Head," which nailed being catchy and poppy while still sounding unique.

But giving us that snippet of what used to be was cruel.

Photo by Ian Witlen

The sisters have such an earnest stage presence, sharing with the audience that they were drunk, admitting that these kind of corporate events can sometimes be uncomfortable, and thanking everyone for supporting the arts since, "people like us aren't good at anything else."

They were so sincere, that we want to believe Tegan & Sara came to their shiny new adult contemporary sound organically. But it doesn't really matter whether they like what they're making now, or whether they created it as a cynical cash grab.

All that matters is that they return to making music that can match the quirkiness of their stage patter.

Photo by Ian Witlen

Critic's Notebook

Tegan & Sara's Setlist:
-"Drove Me Wild"
-"Goodbye, Goodbye"
-"Back In Your Head"
-"I Couldn't Be Your Friend"
-"I Was a Fool"
-"Now I'm All Messed Up"
-"Shock to Your System"
-"How Come You Don't Want Me"
-"Feel It in My Bones"

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