Black Lips' Basel 2013 Pool Party: Naked Women, Vomit, and Fog Machines

Photo by David Von Bader

Beer cans flew into the pool from around the patio as the group kicked things into high gear and fed off of the new, partly nude dynamic.

By the end of the band's fourth song, guitarist Cole Alexander managed to strip down to just his jeans and find his way into the pool, though his swim was brief and ended in true rock star fashion as he climbed out of the pool and launched a volley of vomit into the water from the edge of the stage, sending the trio of topless women back to their spots in the crowd.

Later, though, when the band kicked up the kitschy surf-rock of "Dirty Hands," the pool was reoccupied by rowdy fans who splashed and danced in the water, much to the chagrin of security guards wandeing around the pool with the look of a cat that can't comprehend the voodoo of mirrors.

The Lips played a new song towards the end of the set that was a built around a churning, tremolo-drenched guitar and the band's usual garage-punk hop. And while the title was never mentioned, bassist-singer Jared Swilley did dedicate it to Gucci Mane, who we do not believe was on site. (No time for Basel. After all, he's currently facing 20 years on federal gun charges.)

The show ended with a guitar feeding back freely, as two more topless women jumped into the pool from either side of the stage to a roar of riotous applause from the crowd. Soggy fans filed out of the luxurious Shore Club to find an ice cream truck which had been completely "bedazzled" -- seriously, it looked like a cell phone from 2006 -- and was giving out free popsicles.

What a rager. A quintessential Miami rock 'n' roll party. Thanks to four guys from Hotlanta.

Photo by David Von Bader

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: Fan. I saw the group perform with Val Kilmer in Texas last year. The actor sang like Jim Morrison and cut his hair with a hunting knife, which resulted in him bleeding everywhere.

Random Detail: Regular patrons at the fancy bar beyond the pool looked on with absolute horror and/or amusement throughout the set.

Our New Favorite Game: Convincing people leaning on the exotic cars in front of hotels on SoBe that they're on our ride and we're pissed.

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Shore Club Hotel

1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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