Black Lips' Basel 2013 Pool Party: Naked Women, Vomit, and Fog Machines

Photo by David Von Bader

Black Lips
Shore Club, Miami Beach
Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's fair to say that Art Basel Miami Beach has come under critical siege at times for its supposed devolution from world-class art festival to glorified party.

However, while plenty of people critiquing Basel are, in fact, too cool for even the coolest events and busy playing the role of the post-hip hipster, the fact of the matter is Basel takes place in Miami and Miami fucking parties.

While there is so much more to this city and its culture than partying, it is in the subtext of just about everything going on around here. And it is with that spirit in mind that Atlanta's Black Lips and Juxtapoz Magazine threw Basel 2013's penultimate rock 'n' roll gig -- a pool party at the Shore Club, complete with naked women, vomit, and fog machines.

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Photo by David Von Bader

The ATL punk rockers took to a stage constructed at the head of the Shore Club's lavish pool, following what felt like an endless string of thumping hip-hop anthems. The crowd was comprised of an awkward mix of well-heeled stiffs and rowdy rockers, with a few fans riding so high on whatever substances that they could not keep their dancing under control, even before the band played a single note.

As the theme music for a superhero played over the speakers, fog machines created a hazy atmosphere that hung over the pool with cinematic perfection, and the band cracked into its set with a glorious kerrang of reverb-soaked guitar and fuzzy bass.

The start of the set had a tame, garage-rock prom vibe that saw a few crowd members shimmying to the band's grooves. However, following a Black Lips member's harmless suggestion that "someone should take a dip," a trio of female fans took it upon themselves to take the party from stodgy to dodgy, peeling off their tops and splashing into the luxurious waters below and fulfilling the essential dream of all rock 'n' rollers since the advent of the form: To have topless women go nuts in a pool while you perform.

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Shore Club Hotel

1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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