Top 20 Signs You've Spent Way Too Much Time in Lake Worth

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16. You are on a first-name basis with Gabi and Peter at Little Munich, where your pregame consists of a couple of Franziskaner Weiss drafts.

15. You haven't trimmed your beard in several months, and if you look hard enough, you may find a little surprise consisting of yesterday's lunch buried in your heavy-duty facial fuzz.

14. Your name is on a mug at Dave's Last Resort.

13. You've had a "wild night" with Mick Swigert (AKA Micky Vintage) of Spred the Dub.

12. You have made it to Top Five Records when it is actually open.

11. Somebody stole your bike, even though you had it padlocked to a tree off Lake Avenue with one of those heavy-duty Master locks.

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I haven't done most of these things but I have seen Pedro's nuts and berries at Brogues.


is 20 about morgan and chris hahahaha


This is an article about people who have spent too much time in LW in the past 3 years. This is all new school stuff. When you can remember getting drinks at Rosies from bartenders who been awake for 2 or 3 days at a time during a coke binge, when you remember when Propaganda was a gay bar, when your alma mater was Peanut Butter and Jelly College, when you remember Echos dance club, and you remember hanging out at the Flea market after being drunk all weekend, that is when you know Lake Worth.    

fire.ant topcommenter

Brilliant and hilarious!

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