Top 20 Signs You've Spent Way Too Much Time in Lake Worth

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The monstrous 300,000-gallon water tank off I-95, just north of Sixth Avenue, lets you know you've arrived: Lake Worth. Where Palm Beach County's creatives nestle. This artistic little hub is home to 561's misfits, drunks, unemployed artists, migrant workers, and the blue-collar sorts. Chances are, if you are of that lot, you already reside there -- off a street named after the letter of the alphabet, perhaps.

For live-music fans, there's no place quite like it. On any given night, there may be three or four bands going in a two-square-mile radius. This type of fertile musical landscape, coupled with cheap booze, can lead one to overfrequent Lake Worth. Don't be ashamed if you find yourself abusing this city's eccentricities often -- hey, it happens.

We got together with two Lake Worth notables, Bobby Love (who is currently booking shows at Speakeasy Lounge) and Jon Glassman (of Luna Rex fame), and concocted a convenient little checklist. If five or more of the following apply to you, you just might have a Lake Worth problem... and that's just fine by us.

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20.You are currently dating a bartender at Propaganda who used to serve at Speakeasy and who has previously dated a few of your friends, and it's totally OK.

19. You are a heterosexual male whose choice Friday-night event is Hurly Burly.

18. You are establishing a serious standing line of credit at Mother Earth Coffee.

17. In the past six months, you have built an equally respectable debt at Coastars, where your artwork will be displayed next weekend.

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I haven't done most of these things but I have seen Pedro's nuts and berries at Brogues.


is 20 about morgan and chris hahahaha


This is an article about people who have spent too much time in LW in the past 3 years. This is all new school stuff. When you can remember getting drinks at Rosies from bartenders who been awake for 2 or 3 days at a time during a coke binge, when you remember when Propaganda was a gay bar, when your alma mater was Peanut Butter and Jelly College, when you remember Echos dance club, and you remember hanging out at the Flea market after being drunk all weekend, that is when you know Lake Worth.    

fire.ant topcommenter

Brilliant and hilarious!

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