TOO//FUTURE Move Their Underground Sound to a "Proper Warehouse"

And thus, TOO//FUTURE was born. Completely funded by the crew's day jobs, the free monthly parties at Fat Cats sought to test the waters and see if there was a scene hungry for the deeper side of dub. To their happy surprise, there was, and the place was packing the house on the regular -- a rather insane fact for a Monday.

Fueled by the success, the guys are taking their next step and moving the party to a proper warehouse. Here, they can capture some of the gritty vibe that so attracted them as 20-somethings, keeping the lighting sparse, the beer free, and the bass heavy into the night.

"EDM has become sort of pop music; there's not much innovation," G said. "People are just excited that there's an alternative to this supercommercial, real young crowd. This is a lot more heady. People aren't here because it's the thing to do. They're there because they're passionate."

For their big warehouse debut, TOO//FUTURE is proud to announce headliners Author, a Leeds-based duo who bring expert musicianship and engineering to their down-low register sound, and V.I.V.E.K., an artist who helped found the U.K. dubstep movement with a blend of d'n'b, jungle, and dub-influenced noise sure to please the progressively minded listener. Local favorite Juan Basshead and Washington, D.C.,'s Encryption round out the list of players. And yes, free beer all night will keep partiers satisfied.

"We want to change people's perception," G said, hopeful to see where Saturday's new venture will take them. "It will prove that there is a vast underground community that exists for music. It's not only what blogs or these big media companies determine. People have sought out and found artists that we are bringing that have not played here before.

"If we can get close to breaking even, we will continue indefinitely," he continued. "We don't want to make money. We just want a scene to thrive."

TOO//FUTURE with Author, V.I.V.E.K., Juan Basshead and Encryption. Saturday, November 23, at Unity 88, 4028 NE Sixth Ave., Oakland Park. The party starts at 10 p.m., and cover is $25 at the door. Ages 18 and up. Free keg beer all night long for those 21 and up. Visit TOO//FUTURE on facebook.

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Chris Schaaff

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