TOO//FUTURE Move Their Underground Sound to a "Proper Warehouse"

What do real, passionate music lovers do when faced with a scene marred by commercial interests and that no longer caters to their discerning tastes? They pool their resources, say "fuck this industry," and take matters into their own hands!

"We're doing it because we're really passionate about this music," said Gaurav "G" Khanna, one of five old-school bass heads who manage the monthly TOO//FUTURE parties. T//F aims to bring foundational dub sounds to those who seek a deeper, darker, more mysterious side of the dance-music scene.

The party has succeeded for about a year and a half at downtown Fort Lauderdale's Fat Cats. Now, it's making the move to a full-on, underground warehouse this Saturday, with a lineup that can't be experienced anywhere else in the Southern U.S.

Back in the '90s, G and his buddies were part of the thriving underground rave scene. They preferred the dark, rhythmic sounds of drum 'n' bass and found themselves attracted to the "clandestine" nature of the scene.

"In our opinion, and I've always held to this, there is a certain mystery to it," he said. "It was secretive, underground, not everyone knows about it. The idea of a day festival with everyone dressed in neon is sort of the exact opposite of what intrigued my buddies about this kind of music in the past."

After the RAVE Law crackdown, G and his crew got serious about responsibility and took on day jobs, and they were happy with that. But when they ventured back into the party scene around 2007, at the behest of old friends, they fell in love with a new sound: dubstep.

But it wasn't the brash, college-ready sound most young crowds find familiar. It was deeper, darker, slow in tempo, and low in register.

"It was really futuristic and deep, grass-roots music," G said. "As it progressed, the commercial influence came in, and then it exploded. All the weeklies and monthlies, they stopped being so cutting edge and more just served what everyone wanted to hear. It kind of alienated us, and we figured the only way we would hear the artists we wanted to hear was to bring them ourselves."

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Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

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