The Hunger Games 2 Recast with Pop Stars

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Now imagine her as Miley! That's our kinda movie.
There's no good reason for the producers of The Hunger Games to recast its sequel, Hunger Games: Catching Fire with pop stars. The first movie about a dystopian future where teenagers are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle to the death, grossed 400 million dollars with normal actors. But this previous success did not stop the franchise from changing directors as the new chapter, coming out Friday, November 22, was directed by Francis Lawrence.

Now, Lawrence got his start directing music videos. So we're fantasizing that the next flick will feature an all singing, all dancing Hunger Games. And if that's the case, this is who we'd cast.

Miley Cyrus as Katniss Everdeen
Yes, Jennifer Lawrence might be feeling all high and mighty having won an Academy Award for best actress last year, but little Miss Miley has won six Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. And anyone who saw her performance at the MTV Video Music awards knows she can antagonize authority figures while still coming out on top like the protagonist of the story she'd be portraying. Change the title to Hunger Games: Twerking Fire and we're set.

Justin Timberlake as Gale Hawthorne
While the tabloids would love to keep Liam Hemsworth as he is Miley's ex, we need someone with musical bonafides to play Katniss's best friend/love interest. Who better than JT? While the thirty-something Timberlake might seem too old for the teenaged role, the book does describe Gale as "already looking like a man."

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