Sammy Hagar Is Awesome, and We'll Tell You Why

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All right, we get it: Van Hagar was not Van Halen, nor will the band's work with Sammy Hagar ever hold a candle to the groundbreaking canon the David Roth era produced. However, Sammy Hagar is, in his own right, a real-deal rock star, and while we have to agree that the Hagar Van Halen days were the weaker of the two, we do believe it gets an unjustifiably bad rap ("Poundcake" is, without question, the best/worst double-entendre in all of rock music). Hagar deserves more respect than it would appear he receives these days.

We consider Hagar to be the Karl Lagerfeld of rock music: adored without condition by fans, maligned by haters, rarely photographed without a pair of shades, but an overall genius in his chosen field. Just ask Bill and Ted! As such, here are five reasons we love Sammy Hagar.

5. The Red Rocker
The dude took ownership of a fucking color. For some musicians, a nickname requires some deep meaning or stems from an ability or trait. Not Hagar's, though. Being the alpha-rock machine that he is, Hagar decided to simply appropriate the color red. After writing a song with the title "Red," Hagar (who already had a self-described fixation on the color) was asked by a fan to sign an autograph as "The Red Rocker" and apparently just went with it for the rest of his career.

4. Aliens
Hagar firmly believes aliens came to him in his sleep several times and downloaded the contents of his brain through some sort of telepathic link. Seriously. Hagar has mentioned his multiple experiences with extraterrestrials frequently in interviews over the years and delves deeper into the topic in his autobiography, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock.

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Not a Van Halen fan, and I get tons of crap for this opinion, but Van Halen was 1000 TIMES BETTER with Hagar than with that clown David Lee Roth.

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