Top Ten Beards in Music

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Ahhh, the beard. There's something about this particular form of facial hair that not only screams manliness but demands power. While mustaches look creepy or weird and being clean shaven often makes men look like babies, it is the mighty beard that turns an average-looking guy into a ruggedly handsome dude.

Everyone of historical significance had one: Poseidon, Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Norris, Santa... We could go on for days. The point is, people respect you more with a beard and generally think you're better-looking. Great music also sometimes comes with a great beard. So, in honor of No Shave November, we compiled a list of the ten best musical beards. Trust us, there are some hirsute legends here.

10. Jake Snider - Minus the Bear
Because you can't spell "beard" without "bear," we just had to include lead vocalist Jake Snider of MTB. And cause you figuratively can't spell "good indie music" without "beard" -- it seems the two go hand in hand!

9. James Murphy
This DJ and former LCD frontman may not have a full-on lumberjack-style beard, but we can dig the neck stubble.

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