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Sayre Berman
There is a misconception about Spotify. That is places all the music in the world merely a click away.

The online streaming service has changed the way we consume music. And it does allow you to type in the name of pretty much any artist, song, or album, and listen to them on your computer or smart phone in its entirety. It's turning on the sonically curious to entirely new genres and facilitates any musical research we've had to do recently. It's also has been a final death knell to CD collections everywhere.

As of last year, Spotify claimed to offer 20 million songs. However, there are still some small, as well as some rather large, holes in Spotify's library. Here are the most obvious and unfortunate vacuums preventing Spotify from being all-encompassing.

The Beatles
The biggest rock band of all time has none of their classic albums or singles represented. Only an interview with Paul McCartney, a FloRida song that samples John Lennon, and a Tony Sheridan album from 1962 with the Beatles as his backing band.

The Beatles were among the last bands to have their music available on CD and iTunes, so perhaps in a few years they will be available on Spotify.

Led Zeppelin
The second biggest British rock quartet are also nowhere to be found. Even their appearances on soundtracks like Almost Famous and School of Rock are stricken from the record. The closest you can find are the recordings of cover band Led Zepagain.

Black Sabbath
Yes, their new album 13 is available, as are other albums with bastardized line-ups including Mob Rules, but pivotal works from the '60s and '70s like Paranoid and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are nowhere to be found.

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What's the point of listening to Spotify if you can just turn on the radio and hear the first 4 mentioned artists any time you want? It's obvious this all due to legal issues regarding music licensing and most of these artists' egos being too big.

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