Nine Grunge Songs that Stand the Test of Time

3. Seaweed - "Kid Candy"
Distorted guitars and mumbling: Seaweed's "Kid Candy," embodies everything we loved about grunge. Its snarling vocals and epic timbres sound much more pertinent still today versus all the Sponge and Better Then Ezra-type groups that followed.

Probably the least well-known song on the list, but listen to it once, then try not to immediately listen to again. It has a hook worthy of a pop song hidden in that muddy mess, and it's a great one.

2. Temple of the Dog - "Hunger Strike"
This tribute to the ill-fated singer of Mother Love Bone, Andrew Wood contains both Eddie Vedder's wobbly vocals and Chris Cornell's grand wails, so grunge purists can revel.

1. Alice in Chains - "Down in a Hole"
Just lump Alice in Chains right in there with Nirvana as one of the only grunge bands that will never grow old. Layne Staley's mesmerizing, haunting vocals is stuff of rock 'n' roll idolatry. Our only regret is that Jerry Cantrell still performs with some other turkey as "Alice in Chains." Hang it up Jerry, will you?

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Floral Doc Martin? Seriously? Who wore those? None of us grunge girls would have been caught dead in those back in the 90's.


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