Nine Grunge Songs that Stand the Test of Time

7. Green River - "Queen Bitch"
Green River may be the most eminent Seattle band grunge novices have never heard of. The group holds a special place in grunge history more for the fact that its members went on to become rock stalwarts in other bands -- the band's vocalist/guitarist Mark Arm and guitarist Steve Turner formed Mudhoney, and bassist, Jeff Ament to Pearl Jam -- than its actual musical product. "Queen Bitch," however, is a frolicking number that accentuates the dirty-yet-poppy vibe that populated the Northwest in the early '90s.

6. L7- "Pretend We're Dead."
Chord changes? Who needs chord changed when you have as nifty of a hook as heard on L7's Butch Vig-produced track "Pretend We're Dead."

5. Veruca Salt -"Seether"
This radio-friendly number from Chicago-based quartet Veruca Salt perfects the jagged pop-meets-punk aesthetic. Quick, sharp guitar assaults and sassy saccharine vocals, a great combo to get any party hopping.

4. Blur - "Song 2"
Woohoo! Yes this number from extraordinaire Brit-pop act Blur received much radio love back in the day. But we have to give our Limey boys a nod for venturing into the grunge landscape. Forever proving that grunge is not an entirely American commodity.

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