Clash of the '90s in Hollywood Promises "a House Party in the Club"

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There are concerts galore and wild parties, too. But it's not every day that you hear about a blowout for which you'd leave your dog un-walked, mom alone on the grocery store line, or boss' calls unanswered. So, when we got wind of the first ever Clash of the '90s party, dedicated to this decade of decadence and described as "a house party at the club," we got the urge to shave our heads like Sinead and get Thug Life tatted on our big bellies.

This '90s everything jam is taking over Cafe Legends in Hollywood. It's the first collab between club promoter and owner Eullys "Jewelz" Hinnant III and house party aficionado Craig Edwards. It celebrates those crazy Clintonian years with music, dance, fashion, and even drinks.

The owner of the club got so exited about the idea, he ordered bottles of Hpnotiq and Alizé. Jewelz noted, "throwback bottles and everything." And, you can buy bottle service at '90s prices. What the what?! We're actually digging the neon out from the back of the closet as we type.

Edwards is a corrections sergeant, thorwer of amazing house parties, and also formerly of the group Third Rail. Jewelz has owned and operated the promotional website for the past eight years. Promoters can post their events on the site, so it's a one stop for those looking for the thing to do. Among others, he promotes nights at LIV on Sunday, Story on Thursday, Room Service Friday, and also works with LiveNation.

"I promote everybody else's party, but I haven't really done any of my own," Jewelz admits. "This is the only party I want to go to myself." They're catering to all of us out here who aren't into the big club scene but still want to dance and have real fun.

Jewelz' '90s knowledge is extensive. Back then, he and three friends formed a group called State-O-Mind, playing with Biggie and other huge names. They had a hit "Turn U On," were on rotation on BET, did tours, and were signed to local label Stress Records ("and they did," stress them that is, Jewelz joked). Back then, he met Jay-Z and Tupac.

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Legends Café

2029 Harrison St., Hollywood, FL

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