X-Rated Run: A Florida 5K With Porn Stars, Pole Dancing, and a Climbing Boob Wall

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Courtesy of X Rated Mud Run
Can you conquer the G-String Crawl? Dare you enter the Dominatrix Dungeon? Will you slide into the Honey Tunnel or tackle the Blue Balls Dash?

Don't worry -- you didn't fall asleep in front of the phone sex infomercials again. These are just a few of the sex-themed obstacles for consenting adults in the upcoming X-Rated Mud Run. That's right, you filthy animals. There's mud in this mix.

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The inaugural X-Rated Mud Run was founded and organized by Kelly Perez, owner of online erotic store sensualsteals.com. The run, created to promote sexual positivity and healthful living, is an untimed, adult-themed, 5K obstacle course and mud run for men and women of all fitness levels. The event will take place Saturday, February 22, at Mud Muckers Park in Bunnell, a town near Daytona Beach.

"We've received an amazing response to this event," Perez says. "We're really excited to launch in February... We're kind of twisting the typical physical and mental endurance test and merging it with the sexual element you'd find at an adult consumer show."

The X-Rated Run was inspired by Perez's business and her decision to lose weight.

"Being in the adult novelty business, as a female, you're going to feel self-conscious around these other women," Perez says. "I knew I needed to do something."

Perez asked her cousin to train her in obstacle exercise. She recalls the time they were working out in the park when the inspiration struck for erotic obstacles.

"I was crawling through the grass, and I said, 'I can't do this. I sell sex toys for a living; this is not my thing!'" Perez remembers. "He said, 'Just envision a penis tunnel in front of you; now CRAWL THROUGH.' I just sat there, and it was like an epiphany. I envisioned the entire obstacle course."

And instead of the usual obstacle courses, X-Rated Run is going all out.

"What would be a normal climbing wall will actually be a boob wall. It will be shaped like boobs," Perez says. "We have a penis crawl. It's going to be really wild and outrageous."

You're probably still stuck on "boob wall," but there's more. What else could possibly be offered amid this boob-grabbing and penis-dodging? The run will have beer, adult star appearances, live music, and food. Though there's no nudity allowed at the event, there will be plenty of eye candy with mud-wrestling and pole-dancing contests. For some sexy life lessons, the event will have pole-dancing demonstrations and inform attendees about how they can incorporate sex into their fitness routines.

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