The Bows and Ties Make Colorful, Sweet Folk Music

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Kris Starry

Meaghan Gasch and Sarah Galvan are the Bows and Ties. When we met up with the multi-instrumentalist folk duo, each were adorned with at least one bow, but we didn't notice too many ties between the two.

The two songstresses hail from very different backgrounds, but both are music therapists. Gasch is a little bit classic country. She was homeschooled by her older Baptist mother in College Station, Texas. Galvan is Hispanic and comes from Queens, attended NYU, and grew up on the Rolling Stones. Gasch is more Hank Williams; Galvan is more Johnny Cash. But birds of a folky feather, do flock together.

They found each other working at a clinic in Hollywood. Gasch describes their creation story, turning to Galvan, "You were like, 'wow, you have a banjo.' And I was like, 'yes, I do,' and you were like, 'we should have dinner.'" When they hung out, Gasch happened to have all her instruments in her car -- and there are a lot of them. "'Let's play a song' turned into 'let's record it and put it on YouTube,' and 'let's do this all the time,'" she explains.

Together, they craft original tunes and give their own flare to cover songs. Gasch points out that they have "really different creative processes. Which actually makes us compatible." She is classically trained, has a degree in piano performance, and she's very organized. Galvan describes herself as, "more of a hippy at heart. I hear more melodies in my head and I can sing it, and Meaghan can play it."

They both are adept at guitar, banjo, ukulele, and they swap out percussive instruments; Gasch also plays the accordion, washboard, and keys. They swap out instruments song-by-song at their shows. "It makes our set list a little tricky!" Galvan says. "We have to really make sure not smack ourselves when we change instruments, and get tangled in cords."

Fort Lauderdale illustrator Danny Brito created their perfectly adorable logo.

The two are making their way around Wynwood, but also found ease getting shows in Fort Lauderdale. The Bows and Ties played Fourth of July at Gramps, the opening of Pamela Wasabi's store the Kult, and at the opening of the Flagler Community Garden in Fort Lauderdale. In a few weeks, on October 17, they'll kick off the new live music lineup at Wood Tavern, and they plan on playing for haircuts at Junior and Hatter.

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