Ten Last-Minute Musical Halloween Costumes

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Yes, that's Ellen as Nicki Minaj.
Halloween has approached Christmas territory in the obnoxious early hype it receives. Does Walgreens really need to start displaying the plastic jack-o'-lanterns while it's still September?

Though a fabulous, memorable Halloween costume usually requires ample time for preparation, this is the last minute. So, here are some musical costume ideas you might consider running around town prepping for. They are separated by sex, but since any place liberal enough to celebrate Halloween, gender bend all you want. Feel free to get freaky the one day of the year it is universally accepted.

For the Fellas...

10. Robin Thicke
This is an easy one. Hopefully, you haven't shaven in a couple days. Find some sunglasses and a matching suit, no tie. The key here is getting online and purchasing a Hannah Montana doll. Undress her to the skivvies, and attach her to your crotch and you'll be the talk of Instagram.

9. Daft Punk robots
You might need to borrow wardrobe from your suave cousin, and while you're at it spray paint his motorcycle helmet gold and silver. As an added bonus, you get to spend the night walking around with a French accent.

8. Tupac
Here are two variations depending on where you stand on the "Tupac faked his death" conspiracy. On the one hand, there's Zombie Tupac. Get creative and gory with how a flesh-eating 17-year old corpse would appear. Or you can go with how a 42-year-old pot bellied, on the DL, Shakur. (Editor's note: RIP. Love you Pac!)

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