Ten Last-Minute Musical Halloween Costumes

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7. Justin Bieber
Take your shirt off, and put on a bunch of temporary tattoos. This costume gives you license to act as bratty as you like just make sure your costume includes bruising security guards.

6. Snoop Lion/Snoopzilla/Snoop Dogg
You heard rapper Snoop Dogg became Rastafarian and changed his name to Snoop Lion, right? Now he's all funked out and called Snoopzilla, motherfunkers. Here's your chance to imagine Charlie Brown's comic strip beagle as a lion or part lizard monster.

For The Ladies

5. The Wrecking Ball
Dress yourself up in a black papier mache wrecking ball, attach naked Hannah Montana doll to you and voila. Or, if you don't feel like standing out, you can be the umpteenth Miley Cyrus twerking around town.

4. Sinead O'Connor
The really committed will shave their heads, but the less involved can easily put on a prosthetic scalp. Bring pen and paper so you can write letters of outrage to all the ladies at the party who dressed as slutty nurses and cops.

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