Sinead O'Connor's Other Angry Open Letters

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Dear Twitter,

I tried writing this in 140 characters, but kept getting cut off in the middle of key words. Regardless I have noticed much of the abbreviations in tweets are derived from my hit song Nothing Compares 2 U. Did you not notice the abbreviations I bloody used? The same ones all your users do every time they want to make more efficient use of "to" or "you." I hear your stock is going public. I expect you will do the right thing and issue me some shares in the company for being a positive influence.

Sinead O'Connor

Dear Postmaster General,

I have been sending many open letters over the last weeks and months and am getting less and less of a response with each one. I spend a lot of time on these letters and I know people care about what I have to say because I had a hit song 23 years ago. This makes me an expert on all things under the sun so I know people are writing me letters of support. Tell your postal workers to get out of the pub and deliver me my mail.

Yours Truly,
Sinead O'Connor

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