Portugal. The Man, With Crystal Fighters - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - October 9

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Michael E. Miller

Portugal. The Man, with Crystal Fighters
Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale
October 9, 2013

Better than: Taking acid and watching Yellow Submarine.

If your idea of a wicked Wednesday night is tripping balls to some psychedelic indie rock, then chances are good that you were among the sweaty, sore-throated masses at Revolution Live last night. Concertgoers were treated to back-to-back sessions of soaring guitars and trippy visuals thanks to Portugal. The Man and Crystal Fighters.

It was pop at its most unapologetic. Both bands skipped from one crowd-pleaser to the next with only the briefest detours into darker material. And both delivered strong sets that left fans satiated.

Michael E. Miller

Crystal Fighters started the evening on a psychedelic note. Gilbert Vierich (electronics, guitars), Graham Dickson (guitar), and Andrea Marongiu (drums) launched into the synthy "Solar System" with no sign of lead singers Sebastian Pringle and Eleanor Fletcher.

Pringle and Fletcher sprung onto the stage in style a minute later. Both singers wore bizarre, sparkly outfits, but it was Pringle whose getup was the most absurd. He wore huge sunglasses, a rainbow sequined jacket and top, a black skirt, and enough bling to make Mr. T blush. His long hair was pulled into a knot, wrapped in a headband, and draped with a bedazzled scarf.

Michael E. Miller

Thankfully, the Spanish band had the songs to back up its style. Pringle and Fletcher led the audience from one folktronic hit to another; "LA Calling" and "At Home" were crowd favorites. As Pringle pranced on stage and Basque flags waived in the audience, Vierich and Dickson took turns pounding on a giant wooden percussion instrument called a txalaparta.

Crystal Fighters provided the perfect opening mix of dreamy alt-rock and up-tempo pop. The band borrowed two members from Portugal for its finale: a barnstormer that ended with bare-chested guitarist Dickson climbing onto a table. The result was a screaming Spanish fangasm of spectacular proportions.

Michael E. Miller

It was a hard act to follow, but Portugal. The Man didn't disappoint. Lead singer and guitarist John Baldwin Gourle took the stage in a suit jacket, buttoned-up dress shirt, and slim gold chain. The combination made him look like a cross between a college T.A. and a preacher's son.

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Set could've been shorter? Lol. They were jamming! You could tell they were having a great time and love what they do. Much respect. It was an excellent show. &The Crystal Fighters really pumped everyone up. Definitely a new fan.


Crystal Fighters are actually British. One of their previous band member's, Laure Stockley, grandfather inspired the name of the band and much of their music after the band found an old manuscript of Stockley's grandpa in his Basque country house. Since then the band has become unofficial ambassadors of Basque culture, such as with the use of the txalaparta. 

I proudly waved the ikurriña, the basque flag, to thank them for being awesome ambassadors of the Basque culture. Eskerrik asko! :)


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