Nine Inch Nails Presented the Finest Show of 2013 at BB&T Center, Sunrise

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Sayre Berman
Better than: Literally and absolutely anything else you might have been doing.

Trent Reznor shelved Nine Inch Nails in 2009 and, for a while, it appeared as though the future lacked any recorded output or live performances from the sonic heretic -- at least any under the moniker with which he had initially risen to fame. The paradigm of Nine Inch Nails' music had shifted in a way that left many of the fans that initially found a home in Reznor's post-outsider art, feeling alienated. The soul of the music had changed with Reznor's aging and sobering. However, the formerly inconsolable synth masher returned in 2013 with a new Nine Inch Nails release, entitled Hesitation Marks, and a tour was announced.

Hesitation Marks didn't necessary win over the hearts of those fans and critics that expected something more starkly original or aggressive from a man that had defiantly reveled in progression through the '90s (particularly after such a long period of absence). But Nine Inch Nails' live performances have earned a reputation for being ritualistic experiences with little in the way of peers. The Tension tour stopped in South Florida last night, and NIN's reputation was validated in spades with jaw dropping visuals, perfectly defined sonics, and the flare for perfection that Reznor has wrestled with since his early days.

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Sayre Berman
The show was opened by influential synth rock icon, Gary Numan. Numan, best known for his 1979 hit, "Cars," appeared in fine form, energetically dancing around the stage in a way that betrayed his years while choking a mic stand aggressively. Unfortunately, the Numan set was an abbreviated affair, culled predominantly from newer releases that showcased a sound not too far removed from that of Nine Inch Nails itself -- a band that legitimately would not exist were it not for Numan's influence. Reznor noted this later in the evening. A beefed up rendition of "Cars," which featured a chunky rhythm guitar in the chorus that made it feel more like the Fear Factory cover than the original, was the obvious highlight of the set, and the early crowd perked up as they jockeyed for positions on the open floor and adjusted their pleatherwear.

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Reznor and co. made stage break to the riotous applause of an audience that had obviously gone quite long enough without a night basking in the oppressive sonics and mind bending visuals of a Nine Inch Nails show. Reznor appeared beneath industrial lighting that looked as if pulled from the bulkheads of some forsaken spacecraft. Encased in individual chambers of smoke and light, the band laid into the electro-churn of "Copy of a," which built upon itself until the song and the audience veritably exploded.

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BB&T Center

1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, FL

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