Arcade Fire Lyrics That Possibly Indicate Other Secret Shows

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When South Florida heard Arcade Fire was making their local debut, no one would have ever guessed the first announced date would be at the Little Haiti Cultural Center.

But if you parse through the Montreal band's catalog, you'd remember that their first album included a beautiful ditty called "Haiti." With that in mind, we dug through the rest of their songs to see if we can sniff out locations for potential future secret Arcade Fire (aka the Reflektors) shows.

Although we couldn't find clues revealing their Miami date at Mekka, which went down last night, here are ten other songs which hint at which unusual venue Arcade Fire might be playing one day.

Song: "We Used to Wait"
Venue: The Post Office.
With congress closing down post offices left and right, this song that yearns for the olden days, when we used to wait for letters, could raise funds to keep snail mail going.

Song: "City with No Children"
Venue: Fort Lauderdale City Hall.
The city with the fourth oldest population in the US would welcome Arcade Fire's old timey charm.

Song: "The Well & the Lighthouse"
Venue: Couples therapy.
A tricky one, as the obvious guess would be a well or a lighthouse. Or even a prison, since they speak of a crime they did not commit. But it's all metaphor for a relationship gone awry.

Song: "Rebellion (Lies)"
Venue: Denny's.
This song that goes against Benjamin Franklin and all those that say sleep is crucial needs a 24-hour venue with plenty of coffee.

Location Info


Little Haiti Cultural Center

212-260 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL

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