Aaron Lewis on Staind Jokes: "My Diehard Fans Can Be Awesome and Heartless"

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Jim Wright

To get the skinny on his upcoming gig at Davie's finest, Cowboy Saloon, I spoke with country artist Aaron Lewis. If you can't quite figure out why this name sounds vaguely familiar, it's because this musician was the former frontman of the angsty, postgrunge band Staind. Yes, you read that right: The New England singer who was crooning about "being ugly like me" has switched to a more boot-stompin' genre.

Lewis, who addressed us with genteel Southern terms, like "ma'am" and "darling," talked about Fred Durst, what his former band's members are up to now, and how he really feels about Staind jokes.

New Times: What made you decide to go to country over any other genre?
Aaron Lewis: It's the first music I ever heard in my life. There's really no other place I would fit in better. Sometimes I feel like I fit into country more than rock.

How has playing rock in the past helped with your present sound?
No, I don't tend to be one of those artists that try to turn country into something else.

Do people make any Staind jokes?
All the time!

Like what?
"Are you done yet? Go back to what you're good at." My diehard fans can be awesome and heartless.

Will you perform any Staind songs at any of your performances, country style?
I have. When I perform country, the country band leaves, and I do a couple of acoustic songs.

What are your other band members up to now? Do you still talk to them?
Yeah, Johnny [bass player] is enjoying time off and having a long-awaited vacation. Mike is the guitarist for the band Newsted.

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Cowboy's Saloon

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