Five Sketchy-Looking Fort Lauderdale Bars That Are Actually Awesome

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Mark Winkler

3. The Wayward Sailor Pub
3045 N. Federal Highway, Ste. 32, Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-630-2856, or visit Facebook.
This sketchy-lookin' place has been around for about 54 years with the present owners serving patrons for the past eight. The ancient factor of this bar only adds to its charming appeal.

Broward New Times\

2. Cagney's Saloon
Northwest corner of Stirling Road and University Drive, Davie. Call 954-689-0035, or visit Facebook.
You may be sketched out by all the bikes accumulated outside this place, but don't bother. These guys and gals aren't in a 1960s Altamont biker gang; they want a drink -- just like you! A $2 drink that's on draft, that is. Bands, pool teams, and dart leagues make up the clientele of this Davie bar as well.

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An Van Au
An Van Au

The Wayward Sailor Pub is awesome!

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