Five Sketchy-Looking Fort Lauderdale Bars That Are Actually Awesome

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South Florida is full of pretentious clubs, jam-packed with run-of-the-mill guidos and walking implants that have a "I know someone in VIP" attitude. Although it's fun to be one of the beautiful people, it's also nice to sit back with a $2 beer, not giving a flying "what" about what you're wearing because no, the bouncer at the door will not kick you out for jeans and sneakers.

Yet, with these types of bars come the "Will I be safe walking to my car?" question. The majority of these bars are located in the sketchiest of sketchball locations. You want to enjoy a few drinks, not worry about a white van that says "Free Candy" on the side. To help make the walk to your car that much safer with a side of gritty, smoky atmosphere feel, we provide a list of five sketchy-looking bars that aren't really sketchy.

Fox and Hounds Facebook

5. Fox and Hounds
4812 N. Dixie Highway, Oakland Park. Call 954-491-8869, or visit Facebook.
Fox and Hounds may sound like the Disney animated classic; however, this bar is anything but. It's located in the oddest of locations, placed next to a pipe store. If you walk out without looking, you might run into traffic. Yes, it's that close to the street. Parking is hard to find, but you can find a spot in a nearby plaza. Inside, be prepared for a greeting from a heavy waft of smoke and British accents from some staff members. Yup, Fox and Hounds certainly stays true to its British roots.

PoorHouse Facebook

4. Poorhouse
110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-522-5145 or visit Facebook.
A name like Poorhouse just sounds sketchy. But instead of being a place that aids the homeless, this bar aids the drinkless. Poorhouse is a Himmarshee and Fort Lauderdale staple. It showcases the best in local live music, and there's never any fuss. We thank the Broward gods for this boozy gem.

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The Wayward Sailor Pub is awesome!

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