Probability of 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Getting In

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Artist: Hall and Oates
Chances of getting in: 25% This duo sold a lot of records in the 1980s, but I'm not sure if anyone out there lists them as an influence in an unironic way.

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Artist: Linda Ronstadt
Chances of getting in: 10%. They might have voted her old flame Jerry Brown in as governor of California, but this boys club isn't making an exception for a woman who doesn't really rock.

Artist: Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Chances of getting in: 5%. Who?

Artist: Link Wray
Chances of getting in: 5%. Huh?

Artist: The Meters
Chances of getting in: 5%. Wha?

Yes, I know who these three artists are. Please do not fill the comment box with notes like how can you hire such an ignoramus as a music writer. But most TV viewers don't know these three acts, even though Link Wray is a guitar god. And since this isn't the Rock and Roll Hall of Anonymity...

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Artist: The Replacements
Chances of getting in: 3%. If they make it in before the Pixies, the Hall loses all the credibility it already doesn't have.

Artist: Cat Stevens
Chances of getting in: 0%. If you watch Fox News, you know America still hates Muslims. No way someone currently going by the name Yusuf Islam is getting a trip to Cleveland.

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Kiss has been over looked so many times by the hall it is due for them to get in. Nirvana changed the sound of music from 80's hair bands to ditry 90's grunge. But the pixies should get in beforehand due to the influence. NWA should be without a doubt in due to they changed rap from Run DMC style to basically what you have now. I love the songs of the zombies but didnt know who sung them. The rest will wait a few more years until they get in but will when the time is right.


Honestly, Nirvana is irrelevant in terms of R&R when you compare them to the contributions of Kiss or Yes. Don't look at just your generation's music as all that is...take a look overall in the history of what a band has done. Hall & Oates are more relevant to R&R than what Nirvana contributed. Gene Simons agrees!

I guess Courtney Love, Bush, and Candlebox have a legitimate 1000% chance of getting in as well....


@GovtMule Kiss' influence? On what? Bands looking to fill their catalogs with hundreds of cookie cutter songs with that precise level of saccharine sweetness that makes them a perfect fit for Pepsi commercials? 

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