Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band's Clermont Lounge Strip Club Video Premiere

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Press play and your face will look like his.

At some point, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band had to fully integrate real live, juicy derriere into their act. The Asheville, North Carolina, nu-funk group did so, and amply, in its video for "Trunk Fallin' Off," premiering right here on County Grind before the group's show tonight at Tobacco Road in Miami.

The track is a straight party serenade through which you can hear the genre of funk evolving. It's also the first single off Onward!, the band's upcoming release, dropping October 22. The five-piece, which includes a musical female in the mix -- this ain't no "Blurred Lines" of the buttocks -- filmed its hilariously raucous vid at a famed Hotlanta strip club.

"After playing a gig at Atlanta's infamous Clermont Lounge, we knew right then it was the perfect location to film our video for 'Trunk Fallin' Off,'" said keyboardist Mary "Mama Funk" Frances, who gets down for the camera in a fabulous yellow, sailor-inspired middrift ensemble.

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You may have seen the Clermont on the Real Housewives at Atlanta or heard that Mumford and Sons got kicked out of there because they thought the no-photos rule doesn't apply to corny folk stars. Or maybe you know the place because your grandma works there. That's right. This band takes its name quite literally with the "Trunk Fallin' Off" video. The Clermont isn't your typical nudie bar.

"Since filming is not normally permitted, this video gives viewers an insight into a true Clermont experience. During the shoot, it felt as if we were standing in the presence of greatness!" And when you see some of the buxom ladies and wilin'-out dudes dancing to their song, you'll see what she means.

"Many of the Clermont dancers are featured in the video, as well friends and fans from Atlanta and Asheville. The outrageous combination of Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band and the Clermont Lounge is guaranteed to get yo 'Trunk Fallin' Off!'," Mama Funk assures. Now chill the hell out, light up that spliff, and get ready to be blasted out of this atmosphere into someplace near Uranus.

Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band performs at 10 tonight, September 19, at Tobacco Road, 626 S. Miami Ave., Miami. Entrance is $5. Visit Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band on Facebook.


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Meredith Newcomb
Meredith Newcomb

Mary - I love it!!!! Can I please be a dancer in the next video? :)


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Jonathan R Campen
Jonathan R Campen

The joint is hot and you need to bring yo ass to south florida...so we can have our trunk fallin off

Bex Brock
Bex Brock

love it! This was sooo much fun. So much booty shakin'! I love the look on Al's face lookin' at my booty in the picture in the article. Priceless.

Max Broome
Max Broome

Hey isnt this Al Al's baby. Bout time we got a video. Love you guys and see yall soon. Keep dem asses bouncin!

Jerry Cioli
Jerry Cioli

Hey Booty band y'all should come ck out Savannah Ga

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