Top Ten Musical Performances on the Original Arsenio Hall Show

Though weird, this one did not make the list.

No, it's not a dream! Arsenio Hall is back on the air with a late night talk show with the Dog
Pound, the Posse 2.0, and the deskless interview. While he's getting trashed by critics for having a guest list that's 20-years old, and for telling both Nas and Kendrick Lamar on separate nights that they were each the specific reason why he wanted to come back to late night TV, we come here to praise Arsenio not to bury him.

While there were plenty of awful musical moments represented on The Arsenio Hall Show (Kenny G, New Kids on the Block, Bill Clinton...), he also brought on acts completely unrepresented anywhere else on late night television. After digging through the archives of a guest list that included countless appearances by Andrew Dice Clay and MC Hammer, we present you with the top ten musical performances on the original Arsenio Hall Show. Here's hoping his new show can last long enough to give us ten more memorable moments.

10. Miles Davis - "JoJo"
Yes, it has a smooth jazz feel not far off from the Kenny G we scorn, but still it's Miles Davis. The fact that he lived long enough to appear on the Arsenio Hall show is incredible. It's like hearing Johnny Carson will be tomorrow night's guest on Jimmy Kimmel.

9. Dinosaur Jr. & Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - "Missing Link"
This foreshadows Del's genre-breaking collaborations with the Gorillaz. He performs this song from the Judgment Night soundtrack with indie stalwarts Dinosaur Jr.

8. Black Sheep - "The Choice Is Yours"
Sonny, let me tell you of a time before Twitter and iPhones. When all you needed were two men, two microphones, and a backing track to entertain the crowd, and we liked it.

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