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In a wonderful coincidence, two of the top leading ladies of song of the twentieth century in Loretta Lynn and Diana Ross will be performing at Hard Rock Live in the coming weeks.

Their musical styles couldn't be more different. Lynn is known as a plain-spoken, country-singing woman of the people who wrote her own songs and played her own guitar. Ross is, to most, a glamorous disco queen whose group the Supremes helped Motown become the hit factory it's remembered as today.

But the two women have one other similarity, they were both inspirations for Academy Award winning movies. In their honor, we bring you to this list of the top ten divas on film.

10. Dreamgirls
This 2006 movie based on the story of the Supremes had Beyonce in the Diana Ross role. A little too cheesy for my tastes, the Academy Awards disagreed, giving Jennifer Hudson a best supporting actress Oscar and Eddie Murphy a best supporting actor nomination.

9. Nico Icon
This 1995 documentary isn't high on production value as it feels like a PBS show, but any insight into the German chanteuse who sang with the Velvet Underground is greatly appreciated.

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