Top 50 Punk Bands, a State-by-State Breakdown, Part Four: New Mexico to South Carolina


Los Reactors - "Dead in the Suburbs"
Tulsa's Los Reactors liked that Question Mark vibe and were certainly railing against their quiet suburban living. A bit on the harder wave tip, but with enough rock 'n' roll flair to make it a fun listen today!


Poison Idea - "Punish Me"
Why go with the Styphnoids or the Wipers when I wouldn't be able to sleep with my formerly obese self if I didn't include the almighty Poison Idea here? Pound for pound, the greatest punk rockers of all time. If you can threaten ears, religious sensibilities, small nations, and every single all-you-can-eat buffet that you know of in one fell swoop, how can you not give these guys the title?

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Craig Bevan and the Tourists - "Modern Boys"/"Businessman's Bounce"
Out of Wilkes-Barre and nowhere near a beach, these surf-friendly, clean-cut American boys have a fun and polished sound you'd be hard-pressed to find outside of the Poconos. Jangly and jaunty with the jaundice of living between the worlds of surf-punk and danceable new wave, you can pick up their discography here.

Rhode Island

The Nads - "Blame It on the Priests"
These seemingly clean-cut former altar boys clearly have inside knowledge of the church's misgivings. It's OK power-pop with an idea that could benefit from a little more fuzz.

South Carolina

Nick Pagan
Nick Pagan enjoyed Columbia's college scene as a solo recording artist and as a member of the Fanatics and Nervous Tension. It is unfortunate that all we could find is this little bit of "investigative" reporting curio from a local S.C. station. Please cringe at the interviews and facial expressions of these former young adults.

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