Ten Notable Albums Recorded in South Florida

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Throughout the '70s and '80s, and even well into the '90s, the local recording scene -- bolstered by North Miami's Criteria Studios in particular -- produced some of the most memorable albums of the past 40 years. Here's a sampling of some of the great albums to South Florida can claim credit. So, as long as we remember great rock 'n' roll, someone out there can use this article to establish South Florida's connection to it.

10. Hotel California -- The Eagles
The Eagles' fifth album, released in 1976, and the first to feature guitarist Joe Walsh, yielded a pair of number one hits in both the title track and "New Kid In Town," with a third song, "Life in the Fast Lane," barely missing the top ten.

As a result, the album itself became one of the best selling recordings of all time, after being anchored at number one for eight weeks, and racking up sales of 16 million copies in the US alone. It's said that when the band was recording at Criteria, they found themselves assigned a studio adjacent to Black Sabbath, who were in the midst of making their record Technical Ecstasy. Rumor has it that Sabbath was so loud, the sound bled through the walls and the Eagles had to briefly stop their session.

9. Time Out Of Mind -- Bob Dylan
The first in a trilogy of albums that helped revive the Bobster's career, Time Out of Mind was written mostly in Minnesota, and subsequently recorded at Criteria under the supervision of producer Daniel Lanois, the man with whom Dylan had worked previously on his 1989 effort Oh Mercy.

Ironically, years after its 1997 release, Dylan complained of not liking the sound, even though its gloomy atmospheric ambiance is an important part of its presence. Lanois too had his druthers, telling one interviewer, "Well, you just never know what you're going to get. He's an eccentric man." Accordingly, many of their strategy sessions were held out in the studio's parking lot, where the two men would huddle away from the other musicians. Nevertheless, the album yielded several late period Dylan classics, among them, "Not Dark Yet," "Cold Irons Bound," and "Make You Feel My Love," as well as three Grammy awards, including Album of the Year.

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Nicolle Migneault
Nicolle Migneault

I always liked this group and loved the song which is played now and then.


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dude, come on.... im not usually a hater of trivial things but dont mislabel this article. if youre gonna  tell us the albums were recorded in south florida, tell us where.... dont just copy n past wikipedia. also dont tweet "albums we didnt know were recorded in florida" everybody knows that 461 ocean boulevard was recorded at 461 ocean boulevard lol. come on..


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