Miley Cyrus' Nip Slip Caught on Camera by Fort Lauderdale Photographer

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If you are familiar with New Times, both the Miami and Broward-Palm Beach versions, you've seen numerous photographs taken by Fort Lauderdale native Ian Witlen. This past weekend in Vegas, Witlen -- who also shoots for Rolling Stone, Spin, and just about the entire internet -- took the most important photograph of the pop-culture moment. He caught Miley Cyrus mid-nipple slip.

"I was shooting as in-house photographer for iHeartRadio, so I had all access to the entire set," he told us today from the airport. "I honestly had no idea that I had even photographed a 'nip slip.'"

He continues, "It wasn't until my editor was going through the photos that I heard him say, 'Wait, is this what I think it is?!'" And the pic is going viral. Jay Leno even joked about it with Justin Timberlake on The Tonight Show last night.

The incident took place during the day show, hours, Witlen says, before she slapped on her now-infamous pasties and wept onstage.

"What most people don't understand," he illuminated, "is that the way Miley Cyrus dresses and acts is entirely a PR and marketing strategy. And a very successful one at that. Its purpose is to get her into the media and sell tickets to her shows. Everyone is expecting her to be a train wreck, but when the public doesn't have its eyes on her, she is a very normal person." So now you know. Miley isn't nuts; she's more of a twerkin' genius.

Though Witlen is the only one with the uncensored file, you can still make out some boobage in this E! Online photo.

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Lulu Polsuza
Lulu Polsuza

who caaaares! omg I am so sick of her face with her tongue out and her skinny ass, why would I care about her nips?

Rock Cousteau
Rock Cousteau

I think she's sporting a bit of camel toe, too.

Christopher Keem
Christopher Keem

Am I the only one who feels like this is the equivalent of a Justin Bieber nip slip? After all, I'm pretty sure they both have the same cup size. Hell, based on their hair-do and overall appearance, they could be the same person!

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