Five Tattoo Parlors to Get Inked on Friday the 13th in Broward and West Palm Beach

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Broward New Times
Some selections for $13 tats

On Friday the 13th, tattoo parlors nationwide get ready for a rush. Patrons line up, examining body parts, deciding where to place their new $13 tattoo.

Yes, you read that right. It says $13.

Tattoo artists provide illustrations with the number 13 in the design, whether it be numerals, hidden designs or just the plain ol' 1-3. These tattoos cost $13 and are respectably small.

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Although the exact origin of getting inked on Friday the 13th is unknown, numerous posts on the interweb speculate that Oliver Peck of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas started the tradition of charging only $13 for tats with this infamous number on every Friday the 13th since 2001. If his name rings a bell, this is because Peck made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 for "Most Tattoos" drawn in 24 hours. How many did he do, you ask? 415. We're hoping the last ones didn't come out too shaky.

Oh, and if you feel bad not knowing about this whole affair already, don't. Certain tattoo artists we called to inquire about this event were also out of the loop. "I've been doing this for 38 years and have never heard of such a thing... A $13 tattoo? Really?" said one in disbelief. Now that you know, you've got a few hours to decide where ya want your cheapy tat. Here's a list of 5 tattoo parlors in Broward and Palm Beach counties that are keeping the tradition strong.

Hellcat Tattoo Facebook

5. Hellcat Tattoo
Steven Lahman, tattoo artist, never had a problem with the number 13. "In my own personal experience, 13 has always been lucky. Other tattoo artists feel the same because it's the opposite of what everyone else thinks. Tattoos and tattoo artists have always gone against the mainstream... I met my wife on Friday the 13th, and we're happy." Preach, brotha!

Hellcat Tattoo, 519 25 St., West Palm Beach. Call 561-659-2900, or visit Facebook.

Broward New Times

4. Formula Ink
Featured in New Times before, Formula Ink is not a stranger to us nor the Friday the 13th craze. Gigi, the owner, says, "We do this every year for our clients. It's tradition. We create our own artwork. It's a way to give back to the community and clientele."

Formula Ink, 1218 NE 4 Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-530-7041, or visit Facebook.

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