Top 10 Best Florida Pop Punk Bands of All Time

Ian Witlen
Before she sang for The Kills and Dead Weather, Allison Mosshart was the vocalist for one of the best Florida pop punk bands of all time.

When people argue about genres, it's usually on the basis of authenticity. This or that band is or is not the personification of a truly random utterance that is meant to signify a noun for the abstraction of sound.

Pop-punk deviates from that tendency in a big way. Not only is it rare to find anyone parsing hairs over what does or does not qualify as catchy, melodic punk rock, the term is shared amongst a wide variety of bands that arguably come from different strains of rock altogether.

Nevertheless, bands like Dillinger Four, the Mr. T Experience, and Blink-182, none of which could be mistaken for the other, can all safely be described the same signifier.

In the course of compiling this list of Florida's ten finest pop-punk ensembles, my priorities were to represent the various strains with the top from each micro-genre, and annoy nerds.

Waka waka, motherfuckers.

10. Sloane Peterson
Our deeply arbitrary (or is it?) ranking of pop-punk (as we have defined it) opens with a band that arguably did not play pop-punk. Sloane Peterson was a Miami-based melodic punk b/w a power-pop five-piece that offset tremendous harmonic chops with vocalist Steve Hersh's sentimental/drunk caterwauling. They released a smattering of EPs and a posthumous full-length record that we hear is big in Japan, just like Cheap Trick.

9. Billy Reese Peters
This Gainesville troupe was, appropriately enough, pure the Fest music. That is, anthemic, driving, raucous 'n' sloppy punk-pop (in that order), and/or a band for people that thought the Grabass Charlestons could stand to get a little drunker.

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Curt Cole
Curt Cole

my favorite ... the cichlids from 1979 were not mentioned

Jeffrey Howard
Jeffrey Howard

Just a couple that were missed: Shyster (Orlando), Spoke (Gainesville).

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