New Times Twerktorial for Speakeasy's Twerk Night

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Miami's Twerkxpert Janet Jones.
Thanks to Miley Cyrus, and other widespread forms of ratchetness, twerking is the Macarena of the current era. In other words, the art of twerking is infamously practiced, yet rarely duplicated in its correct form. Only the most graceful hood-rat can hit the nail on the head, in this case, probably with their ass. In order to prep for the launch of Twerk Thursdays at Lake Worth hotspot Speakeasy Lounge, we decided to give you all a quick twerktorial in five easy steps so you don't look too Cyrus-y on the dance floor. Because doing the mashed potato and saying it's twerking is so very last week.

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5. Don twerkwear
First off, let's start off with the wardrobe. Confined clothes are out. You definitely want to show off your best Ass-ets (see what we did there?). Suggestions include: leggings, booty shorts, Nikes, and visible bras.

4. Arch yo' back
It is physically impossible to twerk without arching part of your back. That extra curve, at 180 degrees, is the precise measurement for exact twerking. It gives your bottom the proper leverage. Just remember, it's the lower back that gets arched, not all of your back.

3. Squat
As important as it is to arch your back, it's the squatting part of twerking that keeps you balanced and not falling over as if you just drank your first beer. From here, place your hands on your knees for extra support as you move that booty up and down. This thing needs to bop independent of your body, people.

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