Top Ten Failed Jim Morrison Replacements

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There was only one Jim.

When the Cult performed recently at Revolution, the focus should have been on their heavy, head-rattling rock 'n' roll. But I can't get the image out of my head of frontman Ian Astbury's failed attempt to emulate Jim Morrison as the lead singer of the Doors in the 21st Century.

Back in 2003, amid lawsuits and controversy, original Doors members Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger toured the country with Astbury singing the lyrics. Astbury proved -- as it's been proven countless times -- just having the wavy dark hair isn't enough to capture the Dionysian spirit of Mr. Mojo Risin. Here are ten singers, including Astbury, who wanted but failed to replace Jim Morrison.

10. Michael A. Nickles
In the 1994 movie Wayne's World 2, Jim Morrison is the spirit guide that inspires Wayne to put on a rock festival. It was intended to be a satire of Oliver Stone's The Doors movie, but the actor playing Morrison seems to be channeling Johnny Depp instead. At least he doesn't try singing.

9. Ian Astbury
I really like the Cult, but it pains me to say Astbury's Jim Morrison impersonation is uncomfortably rough to sit through. Listening to his rendition of "L.A. Woman," I can understand why original Doors drummer John Densmore sued to get them to stop, but all his lawsuit did was get them to add "of the 21st Century" to their name.

8. Scott Weiland
In 2001, the former Stone Temple Pilots singer performed on a VH1 special with the surviving members of the Doors. Weiland gets credit for not to trying to fake the Jim Morrison hair, but his voice lacks the oomph necessary in singing "Break on Through" and "Five to One."

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I guess Val did do the best out of those ten, (Jimmy Fallon was surprisingly good) but I still think Kilmer portrayed Morrison in an over the top manner. I blame Oliver Stone mostly for this, but Val is just too much. I could only get through the film was just too cheesy.  Val portrayed Jim as a drugged out sex maniac looking for his next adrenaline rush....which I believe to be only somewhat accurate. Jim was a poet, first and foremost and had a lust for life along with a fascination with death. But Oliver Stone's film gives Jim Morrison and The Doors a bad name.

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