Top Ten Diplo Disciples You'll Meet at a Mad Decent Block Party

Photos by Falyn Freyman

FastForward is a column documenting the nighttime scene in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County. It's a weeknight stop at your neighborhood dive; it's a blurry, bass-filled Friday night in the club; it's that one moment in a conversation you hope you'll remember the next morning.

EDM is truly is a mash-up of sounds and subcultures. Go to a Phish concert, and you're likely to find a unified mass of tie-dyed T-shirts and wavy, ass-length locks. Metal shows bring out the black tees on black jeans look, and hair that's just a little too long for dudes.

At a Mad Decent Block Party -- where Diplo's carefully selected crew of hip-hop-infused EDM tastemakers pull out all the stops to make a summer party for the books -- it's a bit more difficult to pigeonhole the fans.

A steady rain through the afternoon did little to dampen the spirits of the hundreds of dedicated ravers who came out to drink, dance, and pay homage to the Godfather of modern dance music, Diplo, this past Saturday. A mix of costumed, masked, dreadlocked, furry-booted, red-eyed and smiling fans populated the dense crowd at Revolution Live's outdoor stage.

To prove our point, we compiled a list of the top 10 Diplo disciples we met at Fort Lauderdale's Mad Decent Block Party.

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10. Flower Power
Droves of girls crowned themselves or embellished their bikinis with delicate floral wreaths. This dedicated devotee might've looked like she was walking across stage for the swimsuit portion of a pageant were it not for the stacks of neon beaded bracelets adorning her wrists.

The hippies of 2013 wear dayglo and listen to Riff Raff.


9. Team Twerk
We watched as she mounted his shoulders and he happily adjusted her in place for a better view of the stage during HeRobust's set. It's always nice to witness teamwork in action, but it's even better when the team is sporting nipple tape and a freshly faded beard.

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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