PureHoney Is Two Awesome Years Old, and Still Going to Print

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The best place in print -- besides the New Times, of course -- to get your South Florida indie music fix is PureHoney. The monthly magazine is a labor of love, borne from the dedication and experience of one great, bearded man: Steve Rullman.

The fold-out party bible is entering its terrible twos. And in honor of this 24th issue, Rullman shared a compelling behind the scenes video on the print process. They say print is dead, we say: fuck that, pick up a dang paper! All you internet babies who think you're above a physical newspaper: Guaranteed, you'll miss it when it's gone. Now, take off those creepy glasses, and go cook us something local, vegan, and then Instagram it. Hash it #barfIhateyou. Print lives!

To the sounds of "Dandelion Wine" by Band in Heaven, Rullman, with Flux Club, takes us though a typical PureHoney birthday, which, this month, features Respectable Street's 26th anniversary party on the cover. Though he wasn't able to organize a proper party, he did share with us this month's PureHoney music mix and the top 10 most downloaded and top 10 most listened to songs of all time on his super sweet site.

Video by Flux Club

Just two days ago, PureHoney reached an impressive 70,000 plays on their SoundCloud page. And Rullman says that over the past couple of months, they're averaging 3 to 5,000 plays per week. Now here are the most desirable PureHoney tunes. There's some repetition of most listened to and most downloaded, but you're certain to enjoy all of what follows.

The ten most listened to bands of all time on PureHoney are:

1. He's My Brother She's My Sister - "Can't See the Stars"

2. The Octopus Project - "Sharpteeth"

3. Memoryhouse - "To The Lighthouse" (Millionyoung remix)

4. Plains - "Hurricane City"

5. Hear Hums - "Critters Canopy"

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Steev Rullman
Steev Rullman

Whoa... thank you Liz and thank you County Grind!

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