Mike Mineo Talks American Idol, "Hipster Chicks," and "Nipple Clips"

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You can sense the energy of the beach in Mike Mineo's catchy tunes. The native Floridian weaves rhythm and words to create fresh jams. His new album, Big Big Star, captures the kinetic force of his live shows but with a brand new electronic twist.

The CD release party for Big Big Star will take over Respectable Street's Thursday night dance party Flaunt. Mineo hasn't played West Palm Beach in a while, so naturally, the natives are restlessly awaiting the show. We chatted with the artist about his take on the American Idol audition process and the secret word you can whisper in his ear on Thursday to score a free copy of the new album.

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New Times: Your last album, Beach Season, had a distinct chilled out, South Florida vibe. The new album, Big Big Star, steers more in a synth-y, experimental direction. What was your inspiration when writing these songs?
Mike Mineo: I was sick of dealing with musicians, so I experimented with what I could create on my own through production. But now I'm sick of myself, so I'm glad to be recreating this album live with my band of friends.

There are lots of musicians in South Florida, but you are one of the few considered a professional musician, in the sense that playing shows is your full time job. A full time job with wacky hours. Does it seem like your nights are your days, like the weekends are your work week? How do you deal with that?
My weekend is Monday and Tuesday, my days consist of folding laundry and hitting record while everyone I know is busy at work. My weekly night gigs are a constant challenge, to be present in realizing that I could be influencing someone's mood in a very positive way. And then the moment I need to talk to a friend it's usually at 4 a.m. and everyone I know is a sleep.

If you HAD to pick a "real" job, what would you want to do?
You saying my job ain't real!?

You are one of the only local Palm Beach County musicians with your own Pandora station. How did you do that?
I kept emailing a bunch of humiliating nude pics of myself along with my music, luckily they felt bad enough for me and kindly put up a few of my songs.

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This is great journalism,,,  I will remember the super secret password - nipple clips.  or is that two words?  Congrats @  Mike Mineo! 


This is great journalism,,,  I will remember the super secret password - nipple clips.  or is that two words?  Congrats @  Mike Mineo! 

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