10 Best Parking at Broward and Palm Beach County Concert Venues

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Fried Green Tomatoes, anyone?
One of the things that can make or break a concert experience is the parking accommodations at the venue. A search for a convenient and affordable place to park sets the mood at the outset of your musical journey. If it's a hassle, your outlook immediately sours. If it's a breeze, you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy a great evening. The same can be said for exiting; a clear and uncluttered path homeward is ideal.

In truth, no South Florida venue is perfect when it comes to parking conveniently, but based on the two prime criteria -- affordability and accessibility -- some fare better than others. Here are the best concert venues for parking in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Sayre Berman
10. Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood
Verdict: Almost as Good as It Gets

The two mammoth garages at Hard Rock Seminole Casino always seem to have enough spots to accommodate even the latest arrivals for anything from the B-52s to Mayer Hawthorne. But sometimes that means ascending to the highest levels to find them.

Exiting the Northern garage has its challenges, beginning with crowded elevators and inevitably ending with a line of backed-up traffic snaking its way to the street level.

That said, the much ballyhooed Southern facility seems to offer little challenge on both counts, which makes it my preferred destination by far. Besides, parking is free (yes, free!), the walk to HRL is quick, and there's always the option of cheap valet parking if you're tardy for the party. And you can ogle Prince's purple suit or win a butt-ton of cash on your way through the casino to the concert. Pretty perfect.

Dennis Bernhard
Krewella at Revolution
9. Revolution, Fort Lauderdale
Verdict: Not Bad at All
Although there is a cost involved in parking around Revolution, it's usually modest, and the variety of options is fairly expansive. I prefer the private parking a block or so Southeast of the club, but there's also the possibility of grabbing a metered spot on the street.

Those who don't wish to take any chances can park across the street or in the adjoining lot for about ten bucks and bum a beer and a toke off some broke college kids on their way inside to see Gwar or Major Lazer. You can also opt for the large parking garage midway between the club and the Broward Center of the Performing Arts. With the latter, there's a risk of getting caught up in a large crowd attending a graduation or something at the same time. Still, in terms of easy access, I give Revolution kudos for convenience and a great, diverse lineup.

Monica McGivern
Willie Nelson at Broward Center
8. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale
Verdict: Good
Speaking of convenience, let's give the Broward Center its due. The parking options are identical to those for Revolution, but the most obvious choice is the aforementioned parking garage which is connected to the theater via an overhead walkway that takes you directly into the building. It's ideal when its raining, but even when it's not, it makes the walk from the car to the concert quick and easy.

Exiting can occasionally create a back-up, and no, it's not free, but it does make the experience relatively hassle-free. Then again, there's always the valet option that lets you off right by the entrance or nearby private parking for those who want to opt for a stroll before or after.

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