Backstreet Boys Are Back in West Palm Beach; Alright!

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Backstreet's back!

What do we have to say to that? Alright!

The Orlando quintet are no longer technically a boy band, but that doesn't mean that they've lost their sense of youthful exuberance. (Spoiler alert!!!) Nick, Kevin, Brian, AJ, and Howie's appearance in the final scene of This Is the End proves that there's no cameo quite as satisfying as that of a '90s musical act and nothing more delightful than a synchronized dance scene a la She's All That. Vanilla Ice in That's My Boy? Almost unbeatable in its hilariousness; but the Backstreet Boys gave even our DYI-homeboy a run for his money. They're that good.

And they're definitely back, harmonizing again for dough in public.

Their new album and soaring pop-punk-tinged anthem by the same name - "In a World Like This" - is gaining them a bit of attention from fans and the media. The video for the song is more than a little odd and anachronistic, with weeping couples watching the Twin Towers go down on the television. But, hey, when you're the Backstreet Boys, 2001 is the future, right?

On a recent Larry King interview with the now-men, they talked about grownup stuff, like addiction. Nick Carter said of his bandmates, "These guys actually became more than a family than mine, and they actually raised me." Ay, que cute.

Quit playing games, and catch the "Boys" at Cruzan Amphitheatre this weekend.

Backstreet Boys. With Jessy McCartney and DJ Pauly D. 7 p.m., Sunday, August 25, at Cruzan Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach. Tickets $29 to $109 plus fees. Call 561-795-8883, or visit

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Coral Sky Amphitheatre

601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach, FL

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There were three vignettes in the video for In A World Like This--a couple watching wonder of the first walk on the moon, a couple watching the horror of 9/11 and the last, a couple watching the end of Prop 8 and a legalized gay marriage with wonder and love.  In A World Like This when things fall apart, when nothing comes from the heart--I've got you. The LAST vignette makes the video

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