25 Best South Florida Rappers of All Time: From 10 to 6

7. Trina

Hometown: Liberty City
Style: Rump-shaking feminist anthems
If you didn't catch Trina's drift on her 2000 Trick Daddy rump-shaker, "Pull Over," Miami's Diamond Princess has one thing on the ladies of hip-hop: a seriously fat ass. And because of her buffet-sized booty, the Magic City is the capital of "dumps in the truck," from the district lines of Westchester to Liberty City.

Since her debut, Da Baddest Bitch continues to dedicate tracks to her coveted booty meat (see her most recent, "Ass Fat"), but the monetary value of Trina's culo is revealed on her Rick Ross collab "Waist So Skinny." The Liberty City darling boasts, "I'm a boss, bitch, I stunt first class/I got insurance, on this boss ass." And sho 'nuf Trina is the true queen of Miami hip-hop as represented by her long heels with their red bottoms, and the fact that she can bone about five or six best friends, and we all still love her like no other.

All hail Queen Trina!

6. Uncle Luke (solo)

Hometown: Miami Beach
Style: Heavy shrieks (Cap D' comin'!) over booty bass
Miami is probably the only city where a former rap star with a discography that includes "Pre-Masterbatorial" and "Dick in Ya Mouth" can get away with running for mayor (our cojones are just that big). Luther Campbell, frontman of booty bass kings 2 Live Crew, did just that.

He lost, but Uncle Luke remains a prominent local figure, and regularly writes a New Times column on issues of race and politics. Plus, you cannot attend a party in the 305 without scrubbing the flo' to his seminal "It's Your Birthday." Now what's that number one zodiac sign?

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