25 Best South Florida Rappers of All Time: From 25 to 21

Alex Markow
Robb Bank$ representing BroCo at the Mad Decent Block Party Revolution stop.
North Florida's kind of weird. Nothing ever seems to get accomplished in T-Town. And the landscape above the I-4 corridor is a desiccant abyss of 'villes (Jacksonville, Gainesville, Crawfordville, etc., I'm talkin' to you).

On the the other hand, South Florida is at the sweltering foreground of the Sunshine State -- teeming with beautiful people, tropical wetlands, and most importantly, cafe con leche (OK, we're biased). Like they say, it's always dirtier in the South. And dirty is usually how we most like our hip-hop.

The region is home to a horde of rap heavyweights -- Miami birthed Uncle Luke's booty bass (the genre turned 20 in March!), and then there's our dearest, bearded talent Rick Ross from right over in Carol City. (Sorry Jax, you can keep Limp Bizkit.) We've compiled a numbered list of South Florida's 25 greatest rappers of all time. The genius starts here.

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25. Buckwheat Boyz

Hometown: Miami
Style: Baltimore club jamz
Thanks to these dudes, "Ice Cream and Cake" and "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" became party anthems, inspiring viral YouTube videos of fools lathering peanut butter on an imaginary piece of bread. Now where he at?

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Alex Castro

There are more than 25 south Florida rappers to begin with???

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