25 Best South Florida Rappers of All Time: From 15 to 11

Sayre Berman
When Dr. Dre rapped, "We in that sunshine state with a bomb ass hemp beat/the state where ya never find a dance floor empty" on 1995's "California Love," we'd like to think he was subliminally calling out Florida.

We started booty bass, after all.

Check the cut for numbers 15 to 11 in County Grind's 25 top South Florida rappers of all time. Your favorite homegrown papi chulo and screaming DJ are in tow.

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15. Anquette

Hometown: Miami
Style: Femme booty bass
Aside from penning R&B hit "I Will Always Be There for You," these spunky ladies were total feminists in a Miami bass scene rife with sexual exploitation (Luke's "shake them titties baby/pop that pussy baby" isn't half of it). But Anquette said, we can play too, boys: The trio released apt response tracks to 2 Live Crew's "Throw the D," ("Throw the P") and to B-Rock and the Bizz's "My Baby Daddy" ("My Baby Momma"). You go, girls.

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