Pretty Girls' Ideal Night: "Tacos, Whiskey, and Playing Terrible '80s Songs on the Jukebox"

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In the summer of 2012, drummer Brandon Seymour and guitarist Bobby Maloy, two guys with a common musical vision (if you will), created a garage band. They named their project in honor of the most likable things in the world -- after cute kitties and chubby babies, of course -- Pretty Girls.

The Boca-based indie duo became a solid trio with singer, bassist, and pretty girl Kyla Bostick. Maloy formerly played in punk-ska outfit R!M, and Seymour still gets funky with HVY CRM, PG, and Misfits tribute band Horror Business. Though this is Bostick's first band, Seymour says, "I think she's doing a great job." And when you hear their tracks, you know what he means. There's noting like adding a bad babe's vocals to dirty rock 'n' roll to make your head bounce with your butt.

We spoke with Seymour about his distaste for dubstep, love of cheesy '80s tunes, the perks of having a lady singer, and actual lookers.

New Times: You guys are very busy. What's it like playing so many gigs these days, and who are some bands you really feel connected with?
Brandon Seymour: I love it. We keep saying we're gonna take it easy, but it's just too much fun playing out like we do. As far as other bands go, we have some "personal ties" to some, like I used to play in bands with the guys from Dr. Martino, and some others have been friends since back in middle school. Recently, the Riot Act and the Tremends really blew me away.

What are some things you most enjoy about the scene and things you think need improvement?
I grew up in South Florida, so aside from hearsay, this is only "scene" I'm really familiar with. I think there's definitely a lot of really great bands out there, and that makes it worth it too. It's cool not being limited to Boca Raton. There just really isn't much of a local presence here. So being able to drive either 30 miles north or south and tap into a whole new scene is pretty cool in itself. We're kind of partial to Miami. They're just really cool people.

What are the perks, musically, of having a female singer? What does it add to your sound?
That was sort of what Bobby and I wanted going into this. We wanted to have a sound that was very garage and untamed, yet have kind of girl group, pop style vocals to contrast with the grittiness. Similar to the Kills or Sleigh Bells. Kind of like if Mazzy Star joined Black Flag to score a Tarantino film.

What are your least and most favorite trends in music right now?
Least: dubstep. I can't stand it. Also, the whole "folk band" thing is getting a little old too. Just really oversaturated.

Most: I like how a lot of indie bands are starting to revive that retro feel. Tame Impala is a good example. There was a stint back in the early 2000s with the Vines and the Hives, etc., but that was short-lived.

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