Pitchfork Music Festival: Top 10 Acts to Look Forward to

Dancing to Blood Orange is what's going to happen.

Whether you're an avid follower, passive peruser, or determined hater of Pitchfork Media, there's no denying the impact the Chiacgo-based Internet music daily has had on the independent music industry since it first hit the scene back in 1995. With more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month, it's the most popular independent-focused music publication online.

Now in its eighth year, the annual Pitchfork music festival takes place in Chicago's Union Park and showcases some of the best acts across the alternative rock, rap, hip-hop, electronica, and dance music genres. This year, Bjork, Belle & Sebstian, and R. Kelly headline a three-day lineup of the webzine's most coveted and up-and-coming artists.

This Friday, County Grind makes its way up to Chicago to revel in all the glorified indie goodness. Here's a list of the top 10 acts we're looking forward to most.

10. Angel Olsen
Angel Olsen's voice sounds like it came from another time, or maybe even another plane of existence. Each delicate song plays like a haunted note to an estranged lover, a childhood memory, or all the time we'll never get back. Deep, full of emotionally-wrought vibrato, with an impressive range and a singular, folky twang, the voice of Angel Olsen makes us melt, and we can't wait to hear it echo across the crowd against the crisp accompaniment of her electric guitar.

9. Lil B
Lil B, aka TheBasedGod, is a rapper, author, and self-described "Historical Online Figure" who, like a growing number of his contemporaries, has built a huge platform of fans and followers through relentless hustling on social media. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Lil B is all about spreading messages of positivity, optimism, and what he calls "the Based lifestyle."

After rising to fame alongside Bay Area rap collective The Pack with the single "Vans" in 2006, Lil B has gone on to hone an impressive solo career, regularly selling out shows and putting out a volume of mixtapes, as many as 17 in one year, the latest of which is called 100% Percent Gutta.

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