Ten Best 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival Fashion Moments


"It finally feels like summer," says a sandal-clad girl to her friend this past weekend at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago's Union Park. The friend nods in agreement and sips from his dewy 312 beer, a local favorite.

As a scorching heat wave blanketed most of the country, festival-goers descended upon the tree-shaded venue for the annual event that brings together a near-perfect mix of independent artists, super-cool local and national vendors, and red-cheeked, smiling-faced fans.

Over the three days of the festival, attendees could be spotted roving the modest-sized park with water bottles, melty coconut popsicles, and packages of fresh blueberries in hand. They lounged in the shade, browsed the Chirp Record and Flatstock poster fairs, and danced and cheered at the festival's three stages.

Here in South Florida, our few remaining outdoor music festivals seem to bring out massive unmanageable crowds filled with blank-staring, drugged-out adolescents donning neon and tutus. But at Pitchfork, the mid-sized crowd was eclectic, engaged, and uniformly friendly, despite pressing heat. And, as one might expect from a festival put on by the biggest indie webzine, there was no shortage of funky, edgy, and inspired attire.

From nautical and tropical-inspired threads, to color explosions and asymmetrical 'dos, the people of Pitchfork brought their style A-game. Check out the notes on some of our favorite festival fashion moments.

All photos by Falyn Freyman

10. We're on a Boat

On Friday afternoon, temperatures climbed as high as 100 degrees. It made sense, then, that many Pitchforkers chose to channel their inner yachtie and don their finest cool 'n' casual seafaring attire. Florals, floppy fisherman hats, docksiders, and thigh-baring short-shorts were par for the course this weekend.


9. Jelly Goth

Genres are fast becoming a thing of the past. Case in point, this girl. Her cat-eye shades and punchy lips say '50s pinup, while her black pencil skirt and layered, Asian-inspired lace slip reveal a darker side. The pop of pink in her neon jelly sandals adds a fun and approachable element to her look. Plus, it might be black, but it breathes!

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